Choose a Plan that Works for You

Free account

Limited Access


Survey features
Unlimited surveys per account
Unlimited respons per survey
Unlimited of questions
SSL security encryption
Add own welcome text
Add own thank you text
Add images or photos
Show progress in survey
Add skipping based on given answers
Add your own logo
One question per page
Show survey preview

Question types available
Multiple choice, 1 answer
Multiple choice, multple answers
Open question
Matrix question
Not listed, … [fill in] option
Text with question

Publish the survey
Unique link per survey
Publish directly through 60+ social media channels
Maximum publish time
Publish a survey link on a website
Close survey manualy

Analyse the results
Live summary with barcharts and data tables
Export data as CSV file (for Excel and SPSS)
Answers per respondent anonymusly in CSV file
Not completely filled in surveys included in data file

Make it easy for yourself with these add-ons

Premium module

1 Premium credit

What is a Premium credit?

Per project

Adjust font type, size and color

Adjust background color for the survey

Adjust font color for the separation lines

IP-adress check against double completes

Redirect URL after completing survey

SurveyTool logo (bottom page) is removed

SurveyTool logo and social media box (last page) is removed

Remove questionnumbers

Respondents can click to a previous question

On MC question type with multiple answer, specify how many answer are obligated

An answers obligation can be switch on and off per question

Redirect respondent to a specific webpage after completing the survey

Invitation add-on

1 Premium credit

What is a Premium credit?

Per 100 invitations

Send invitations through SurveyTools
Upload your own adressfile
Personal salutation per respondent
20 invitations for free
Create the invitation for the respondents
Summary respons per respondent
Send  free reminders to the non-respons

White label

Unlimited use of all Premium features and 2.000 invitation per month for the Invitation module


Premium Credits?

Premium credits can be used to activate the Premium module or the invitationmodule. The credits can be bought through an account on Surveytool. 1 credit is € 12,95. If you buy multiple credits at once you’ll receive a discount.

The credits won’t expire whill your account is active. Just buy the credits you need and start your project.

Pay-per-project vs subscriptions

  • Advanced features not necessary or obligated to finish a great survey.
  • Choose per project if advance features are necessary.
  • No continues payments after completing a project.
  • Easy to use Premium credit system.
  • More discount when buying multiple credits at once.


How does the free account work?

Just register with your e-mail address. Registration is free and is done within seconds. Click here to start. After creating a free account addiontal (but not obligated) paid features are available per survey.

How often do you release new content?

As often as we can. Keep an eye on the blogs for technical updates.

Can I use it company wide?

SurveyTool is available for both commercial and non-commercial use.

How long are credits valid?

Premium credits will not expire while your account on Surveytool is active.

How can I pay for the add-ons?

SurveyTool support both Creditcard and PayPal payments. We work with the Dutch paymentprovider

What age groups do you support?

SurveyTool has a mobile lay-out so surveys can be completed on smartphones. Creating a survey is best done on a desktop.

Can I see an example of my survey?

SurveyTool has a preview feature available for viewing the surveys before activating them.

Can I get a refund for unused credits?

Credits can’t be refunded. We advice you to only buy the number of credits you need.

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The Netherlands


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