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5.2 Using the Lay-out module

How to use the Lay-out module

Use the corresponding parts (see numbers 1 to 8) to change the lay-out of the survey.

  1. Survey title
  2. Survey question
  3. Survey answers
  4. Progress rate
  5. Upper line
  6. Bottom line
  7. Survey background color
  8. Survey side background color
  9. Preview button
  10. Activation button

Preview the survey

The lay-out can be previewed using button  “Show preview survey” (number 9).

If the Premium module is not activated the respondents will see the original lay-out.

Activating the Premium module

To activate the Premium module use the button  Activatie Premium module” (number 10).


Examples of the use of the lay-out features

In this example the same survey is shown with and without activation of the lay-out features.

Survey without lay-out features

Survey with lay-out feature active

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