5.1 Adjusting the lay-out of a survey

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By using the Lay-out module it is possible to adjust the standard lay-out of a survey to match for example the company look en and feel. At the bottom of this page an example of an survey with and without the use of the Lay-out module is given.

The following lay-out specs can be adjust with the Lay-out module:

  • Font
  • Fontsize
  • Fontcolor
  • Divide line at the top and bottom of the survey
  • Background color survey
  • Background color survey sides

By using the Lay-out module to match the survey lay-out with the company colors increases the recognizability for the respondents and the respondent sympathy, thus enhancing the response rate.

The Lay-out module can be activated in the page “Change Lay-out”.

An exmaple of a survey without the Lay-out module active.

An example of a survey with the Lay-out module active.