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2.2 Specifying the survey

For creating a survey you need to specify a few things.


Internal name

This is an internal name of the survey only you will see. Respondents won’t see this name.

Survey name to respondents

This is the name respondents will see when opening the link to the survey.

Research purpose

In this field you can explain the purpose for creating the survey. Describe your project in a few words.


Desired number of completed surveys

This is for your own reminders. The survey will not close automatically after reaching this number of complets.


Welcome text

This text will be shown the respondents before the first question. Use it to introduce yourself and the survey.


Thank you text

This text wil be shown on a new page after the respondent answered the last question. Use it to thank for respondents.


Add logo

Add your own logo to the survey. It will be shown in the upper left corner, replacing the SurveyTool logo.


Tip: check out the example surveys for comparison.

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