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Our free features for your project

Unlimited surveys

Build an unlimited number of surveys on your free account.

Unlimited questions

Use an unlimited number of questions in each survey.

Unlimited respons

There are no limiteds on the number of completes per survey.

No ads

No ads or banners are shown on a SurveyTool survey.

Download the results

Download the results as a CSV file for Excel or SPSS.

8 question types

Use eight different question types for your survey.

Mobile friendly

SurveyTool converts all surveys to a mobile friendly lay-out.

Upload logo

Upload your own logo to increase recognition.

Premium features for € 12,95

Our additional premium features help you to create a professional survey.

Adjust font and colors

Adjust font types
Adjust font colors
Adjust element colors
Adjust background color
Create company style

Advanced options

Double completion check
Enable forced answering
Redirect after completions
Specificy answer options
Return to previous question

Invitation module*

Create peronal invitations
Track respons per customer
20 invitations for free

*€ 12, 95 per 100 invitations

Or go White label

Own full domainname
Send personal invitations
Upload customer contacts
2.000 invitations per month
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Obligate to answer

Specify if respondents are obligated to answer a question.

Remove SurveyTool logo

Remove the Survey logo at the bottom of the survey.

Back to previous question

Allow respondents to go back to a previous answered question.

Prevents double respondents

Use IP-adress check to prevent multiple completions per respondent.

Redirect after completion

Redirect a respondent to a custom website after completing the survey.

Remove question number

Select if the respondents should the question number and total numbers of questions.

Survey examples is used for building all kinds of surveys.

Customer Satisfaction

Receive honest customer feedback with a customer satisfaction survey.
Use company colors for 100% customer recognition.

Market research

Find the best opportunities for your business ideas with a market research survey. Use question skipping to collect more specific data on a subject.


Create a voting poll for the members of your organisation. Have honest elections with the checks in the invitation module of

Send invitations

Get high respons rate with the anti-SPAM invitation module from

Create the invitation

Create the perfect invitation for your project.

Upload adress file

Upload your adress file.

Personal salution adds the personal salution to the invitations.

Download surveydata + respondents data

SurveyTool combines the survey data with the adress file.

It’s easy

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