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SurveyTool is designed for those who need to create a simple but efficient survey.

The clear design lets you make a professional survey for your project, study or business case within minutes.

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Why SurveyTool ?

A complete tool

All question types available

Add links and texts

Add images or photos

a free feature

A personal tool

Add your personal welcome text

Add your personal thank text

Add your own logo

a free feature

An userfriendly tool

Easy to use  tool

Build a survey within minutes

Userfriendly manuals available

a free feature

An unlimited tool

Unlimited surveys per account

Unlimited respons per survey

Unlimited questions per survey

a free feature

An non-commercial tool

No banners

No ads

No pop-ups

a free feature

A beautifull tool

Change all font types

Change all font colors

Change all background colors

$ 12,99 per activated survey

An efficient tool

Upload your own adressfile

Send each invitation by name

Send reminders to non-responders

$ 12,99 per 100 invitations

A business tool

[your company]

Entire platform in company colors

For businesses, schools and NGOs

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